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Phone: 214-395-3491 Email: info@diamondphysicians.com
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Diamond Physicians
Office Location
8222 Douglas Ave, Suite 700
Dallas, TX 75225
Phone: 214-395-3491
Email: info@diamondphysicians.com


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Luxury Healthcare Within Reach

As seen on the front page of the Dallas Morning News and Modern LuxuryDiamond Physicians is an upscale membership based medical practice founded in Dallas, Texas. Our clients receive direct access to board certified physicians 24 hours a day for all medical concerns. Shed the inefficiency of traditional medicine and reward yourself with the personalized and convenient care Diamond offers. Choose premium medical care around the clock for your entire family with our affordable membership plans starting at $95 per month.

-Exemplary Medical Care 24 hours a day

-Unlimited visits and zero copay

-Issues addressed within minutes of concern via text or email

Diamond featured on National Television “For The Record"


Diamond Physicians Dramatically Lowers Healthcare Cost by Refusing Medical Insurance


DALLAS — Skepticism often walks through the doors to see this doctor. “It’s because we’ve taken out all the middle. We’ve taken out all the mark-up. It’s wholesale medicine,” said Dr. James Pinckney, founder & CEO of Diamond Physicians. The 32-year-old is among a growing number of doctors who no longer accept health insurance. Instead, they charge clients like Gregg Bartus monthly fees. He pays $200 for unlimited visits and procedures without any co-pay. “I’m one of the first people to sign up on the exchange. I was looking forward to getting insurance,” Bartus said. He did purchase a policy through Healthcare.gov last year, but ended up at Pinckney’s office because he couldn’t find a doctor on his plan that accepted new patients. “I just gave up after a while,” Bartus said. Read more…. -Jason Whitely, WFAA

Diamond Physicians Partners with PGA Tour Player Tyrone Van Aswegen to Educate the Nation On Affordable Healthcare Options


Diamond Physicians, a concierge medicine practice in Dallas, has signed a sponsorship agreement with PGA Tour player Tyrone Van Aswegen. This innovative partnership is the first collaboration ever between a family medicine practice and professional athlete. A recent Dallas resident, Tyrone is honored to be partnering with Diamond Physicians to tackle a topic important to Americans all over the country – access to affordable, quality healthcare – while also generating local support for his burgeoning PGA career … read more

Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown Endorses Diamond Physicians

Watch Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown Discuss the Benefits of his Diamond Physicians Membership

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The Future of Medicine has Arrived
“I founded Diamond to deliver outstanding patient care to everyone.Diamond is the solution to the largest
healthcare crisis in history. Your well-being is now in your hands.” -Dr James

Diamond Physicians Medical News NOW

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Diamond Privileges

Diamond is a leader in affordable Concierge Medicine, also known as Direct Medicine, in which clients are guaranteed access to healthcare 24 hours a day.

As a Diamond client you receive:
1. Priority access to a team of skilled practitioners
2. Virtually zero wait time and unlimited visits with your provider
3. Issues addressed within minutes of concern
4. Zero Copay
5. Direct access to your doctor via e-mail and text
6. Annual comprehensive physical examination
7. Incredible discounts on labs and imaging
8. Exemplary medical care 24 hours a day
9. Satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that you have made THE most important investment in your health!


Exemplary Care You Deserve
Truly Affordable Concierge Medicine



Dr. James Pinckney II

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

DR. Anthony Lyssy

Medical Director & Partner

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Shahan Chowdhury

Family Medicine

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

James S. Pinckney

Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy F. Pinckney, ESQ

General Counsel

Liza Schlitt

Public Relations

Mauro Rodriguez Jr.


Certified E.M.T. & Lab Technician

Rae Rodrigues

Certified Medical Assistant


The feeling of being in your office is one of comfort & chocolate chip cookies! So warm & comforting. No anxiety even if we are feeling under the weather when we are there. Love you (Dr. Lyssy), Dr. James & Mauro; real people with knowledge, compassion & calmness.

Stephanie, Diamond Client 9/24/2013

I started feeling sick yesterday. I felt like my throat was swelling and I felt very light headed. I left work early hoping that a hot bath, a few ibuprofen, and a good night’s rest would do the trick. I was wrong! I woke up this morning feeling worse than yesterday. I called my general

Rachael, Diamond Client (Uptown Dallas) 11/30/2012

Dr. James shines a whole new light on the patient-doctor experience. He is extremely knowledgeable from a medical standpoint and it is evident in his practice. From the first minute he walked in he focused his attention on my ailment and allowed me to fully describe my pain and discomfort. It was the first time

Sam, Diamond Client (Denton, TX) 02/18/2013

Dr. Lyssy, I always receive GREAT feedback from both patients and staff when you work for us. You’re going to be incredibly successful in your practice. People really like you taking care of them! Just want to be faithful to send compliments along to people who deserve them. Keep up the great work!

Colleague, Prior Medical Facility

I began my relationship with Diamond several weeks ago and during that time, I had a deep injury to my leg and also several smaller situations including a terrible summer cold. Being able to text and email the doctors made my experiences so much easier. My leg healed very well and my health issues have

Stephen (Uptown Dallas), Diamond Client 7/25/2013

Thanks Dr. Lyssy. At this point in our relationship I probably had more one on one time with you then I had with my previous Doctor over the last 10 years!! I am very glad I signed up with Diamond Physicians!

Jessica, Diamond Client (Plano, TX) 7/09/2013


We Find Out Before You Do!

The Diamond Executive Physical Program is a state of the art heart attack, stroke, and diabetes prevention program centered on the Bale/Doneen Method and designed to not only improve but save lives. Traditional medicine focuses on cardiovascular risk factors, while Diamond implements a disease treatment paradigm identifying inflammatory markers, genetic markers, and extremely dangerous plaque in the arterial bed.

Diamond Physicians detect cardiovascular disease earlier and more accurately, shattering the traditional “Standard of Care”.


We support businesses whose standards and vision align with Diamond
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Assist Diamond in our mission to help deliver affordable healthcare to every U.S. citizen by investing in a Diamond franchise today.

“Doctors should make a difference in the quality of people’s lives. Diamond is committed to that cause. I founded Diamond to deliver outstanding patient care to everyone. Diamond is the solution to the largest healthcare crisis in history.” -Dr James


Contact franchise@diamondphysicians.com or click below for more information

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